What we stand for

Read more on what the PvdA Enschede stands for in Enschede.

Proper employment and fair wages

Together with companies in Enschede and Twente, we team up to boost our economy. By that, we increase the chances of a job for many, and also a focus on good working circumstances and fair wages. Also, more jobs in the public services will be created.

Everyone can participate

Everyone should have the chance to participate in our city. Debts or disabilities may not be in the way. The chances of children may never be limited by poverty. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or exclusion, for whatever reason.

Invest in sports and culture

Sports and culture are important for fun, meeting other people and personal development. And therefore, indispensable for Enschede! This requires a serious investment, to make sure that everyone in our city can participate.

Good and affordable care

If there are any difficulties in making it on your own, someone should be there to give a helping hand. Your personal circumstances and needs are key. Together with you and the people in your network, we’ll explore what is needed. Extra attention is needed for youth care and the needs of elderly citizens.

Sustainable city

It is our duty to take care of our vulnerable earth. This requires Enschede to make a transition to clean energy sources as soon as possible. It requires courage and ambition to invest in all forms of clean energy, as well as increasing the amount used and working towards a city without garbage.

Good and affordable housing

Feeling at home in Enschede starts with an enjoyable house, in the area where you want to live. Together with housing associations, we work on offering sufficient social housing and stimulate that houses will be more sustainable, leading to more comfort and lower energy costs.

Clean, safe and liveable city

The PvdA works on a tidy and green city. We take a stand against a messy public space and nuisance in the residential areas in both the city and the surrounding villages. We challenge our citizens to think along how we can improve on the challenge of a clean, safe and liveable environment.

Sufficient places for meeting in all neighbourhoods

In all neighbourhoods within our city, there need to be sufficient places for meeting. Community centres will increase the possibilities for neighbours to get in contact with each other. We work together with clubs, public organizations and companies to create a specific approach for each neighbourhood.

Bustling city centre

The inner city of Enschede is the heart of Twente, with a unique combination of housing, business activities and recreation like shopping and culture. We offer space for creative entrepreneurship, and give shops the opportunity to be open for business seven days a week.

Have your say in local policy

Hearing the voice of the citizens is more than organising a participation evening. The city should utilize the talents and ideas of their citizens more, by being in a constant dialog on proper solutions for challenges in our city. To improve the influence of citizens, the budgets of the different neighbourhood committees should be doubled and the agenda of the citizens should be more leading.

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